How we work

Money is a topic. Wealth is a conversation.

Anyone can talk about money. But talk is cheap.

The main thing that really moves the needle on your financial future?

A meaningful conversation—about your goals, your life, your potential, your challenges and concerns.

Without it, we can’t get to the business of strategizing your wealth plan. And we’d like to get down to business.

There’s a lot to discuss, too. The investing landscape has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Certain tools used to require considerable assets to access (in excess of 5 or 10 million).

Now, thanks to the democratization of investing, we can use these tools to potentially help grow your wealth in ways you never could before.

We’d love to start the conversation.

Here's what our process looks like.



Our first step is to learn more about you. And you’re an individual, not a commodity. Which means our conversation begins with your goals, passion, and even your fears. Sure, money matters—but it doesn’t matter more than you do.


Strategy is key—and we’re in for the long game. Once we discover what you most want to do, have, and be (and by when), we set about creating a thoughtful, flexible plan that does precisely what it is designed to do.


Everyone loves a homerun, but we never underestimate a base hit. We strive to cultivate wealth the old-fashioned way: through diversification, consistency, and patience. Joe Montgomery, Managing Director-Investment, PIM Portfolio Manager can manage your assets in a discretionary fashion.


We don’t take a set-it-and-forget-it approach. We’re constantly course correcting to ensure that your money, your actions, and your life align with your goals and the market. If even one of those things changes, we readjust. Simple as that. As a Private Investment Management (PIM®)* client Joe can reassess your portfolio.

This isn’t our first rodeo.

Here’s a little insight into how we think.


Anyone chasing a dollar is bound to lose it. We use methods that are generally recognized as effective: consistency, strategy, and a whole lot of patience. They don’t call it a virtue for nothing.


Money matters, but not more than you do. We’re not so focused on finances that we lose sight of what’s really valuable. When it comes to growth, you are the animating force behind your potential, so we don’t just invest in your funds—we invest in you.


We’ve been in the game a long time, and we plan to stay in. We are seasoned and qualified for this work, and we’ve got the titles, degrees and designations to prove it. We’ve weathered through decades of fickle markets, and we aim to ensure your wealth does the same.
*The PIM program may not be suitable for all investors. Please carefully review the Wells Fargo Advisors advisory disclosure document for a full description of our services. The minimum account size for this program is $50,000.
Wealth takes its time, and so do we.

Wealth takes its time, and so do we.

If you want to have a real and unrushed conversation about your future, give us a call.