Who we work with

Like you, we’re very selective about the people we spend time with.

And if this sounds like you, then we should talk.

Here’s how to know if we’re a fit:


You believe the Earth is round.

We’re kidding. (Kind of.)
What we mean is that you understand, or are willing to learn, the basic premise of long-term investments—that diversity* and time may equal success. And trust us that it is designated to work, the same way that you can trust that the Earth is round, even if you haven’t personally traveled into space to be sure.

You have a wealth mindset—whether you’re wealthy or not.

Not every single one of our clients is wealthy at this moment.
But we believe they have the potential to be, and we put measures in place to ensure it. To work with us, you have to not only believe that, too, but act that way—by taking the steps it requires to potentially achieve real and sustainable wealth. And letting the system do its job.

You count patience among your many virtues.

It’s our belief that the people who get rich quick usually don’t stay that way.
Call us old-fashioned. But anyone who’s chasing a dollar will just as easily lose it. We don’t chase money—we strive to cultivate wealth.

You have no time to waste.

You don’t plant seeds the week before you need a tree.
The sooner you get started, the better off you may be. You might think you’re in a race against time, but it’s the opposite—time can be your best ally if you know how to use it.

*Diversification is an investment method used to help manage risk. It does not guarantee investment returns or eliminate risk of loss including in declining market.
Wealth takes its time, and so do we.

Wealth takes its time, and so do we.

If you want to have a real and unrushed conversation about your future, give us a call.